Custom CNC Machining

Milling, Turning & Drilling. For fast prototypes and so on.

If you need a part that is round or has many different contours, eCraftLab can do it. An added attraction is that eCraftLab can take parts up to 25mm thick and blank them in a punch press, form different steps and then machine an interesting shape to the inside and/or outside contours all in one plant. GET A QUOTE
Turning Turning
Milling & Drilling Milling & Drilling

Technical Capabilities

● We accept milling/turning/drilling jobs starting at 100 parts

● Each machine stores over 100 dedicated tools at a time eliminating setup time

● We are a precision shop capable of tight tolerance jobs (down to +/-. 01 mm)

● We utilize CAD and CAM programs to work with solid models and optimize machining processes

● We have flexible finishing capabilities through trusted partners – deburring, plating, painting, and assembly.

Additional Automated Technologies

● In process probing to ensure machining accuracy

● Broken tool detection and tool life management ensure tools are always in optimal condition

● Individual measuring of each part to ensure accuracy and compliance

● Water soluble coolant system that continuously filters and refreshes the solution for optimal machining conditions

● Three stages, aqueous wash system to ensure parts are particle and contaminant free